Dayana García

My name is Dayana Garcia, and I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, I reside in Norway. I am a linguist specializing in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, as well as providing proofreading and editing services in Spanish for students, professionals, and other writers.


In addition to my work, I am passionate about travel and immersing myself in new cultures. My first experience abroad was in New Zealand, where I spent almost two years as a student, meeting people from all over the world. This experience sparked my desire to continue exploring other countries and cultures, leading me to join a cultural exchange program in the Netherlands before eventually settling in Oslo, Norway, where I have happily lived for two years (despite missing my home country).


Through my travels, I have had the opportunity to learn and appreciate different languages and cultures. While I have studied several languages, including English, German, Italian, Dutch, and Norwegian, English has become my second language, and I look forward to adding Norwegian as my third. So, like you, I am also in the process of learning and growing!

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