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Choose the type of class that best suits you

Face-to-face personalized class

If you prefer to learn in-person with a native Spanish teacher, this class is for you.

Enjoy the flexibility of taking classes in your living room, office, at a café, or even at the nearest library.

Our teachers provide personalized instructions to help you reach your language goals.


Online personalized class


Learn Spanish from anywhere in the world with our online classes. We create dynamic and specialized material that match with your needs and goals.

Don’t let a screen stand in the way of your Spanish language journey!


Conversational Spanish


Remember that what is not used is forgotten, so if you know Spanish and do not put it into practice, or if, on the contrary, you are looking to improve in this language, this space is for you.

Practice your listening and speaking skills with other Spanish learners from around the world.

Spanish class for children

Give your child a head start in language learning with our personalized and interactive Spanish classes. According to the age of the child, we design our material based on simple objectives and short sessions, and our teachers accompany the learning process inside and outside the classroom.

Children’s brains are like a sponge. We advise parents who want their children to learn Spanish at an early age. 

Trial class

Still not sure if this class is right for you?

Schedule a trial class to get to know us better and share your language goals. We’ll conduct a short interview to determine your level of proficiency, and create a study plan that suits your needs and abilities.

(Not an evaluation) You won’t even notice!


To begin, I emphasize to my students that the ultimate goal is to communicate effectively in Spanish. Thus, each class focuses on developing communicative competence.

How do we achieve this?

Are you wondering what level of Spanish you currently have?

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, here’s a helpful reference guide that outlines the different levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plan (PCIC).

Take a look to better understand your proficiency level and to set goals for your language learning journey.


Nivel A1

  • understands simple sentences
  • can talk about himself and his interests
  • use simple expressions
  • knows how to ask questions about a place (where you live, directions), people (family, friends), things and objects (what you own and use)

Nivel A2

  • understands sentences and expressions of daily use (about family, the place where you live, work)
  • you can talk about your interests
  • you can say some basic sentences in the past tense


Nivel B1

  • manages easily even when making mistakes
  • describes experiences, desires and justifies opinions
  • you are able to deal with situations that may arise when traveling, shopping, or in your free time.

Nivel B2

  • understands ideas in complex texts
  • can lead a fluent conversation on a professional topic
  • can communicate with natives fluently
  • knows how to argue on various topics


Nivel C1

  • understand and write long texts
  • can understand the hidden meaning of the text
  • express yourself spontaneously
  • use the language easily for social, work and academic purposes

Nivel C2

  • understands almost everything he hears or reads
  • expresses himself fluently on any topic
  • distinguish intonation differences

*According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plan (PCIC)

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Conversation groups

Our conversation groups are held throughout the month and cover a variety of cultural topics and subjects. Join Club ELE 1 for a cultural exchange on gastronomy, traditions, and travel tips, or Club ELE 2 for a music special where we unravel and sing the lyrics of popular Spanish-speaking songs.


Cultural exchange: We talk about gastronomy, traditions, travel tips, among other cultural topics from Spanish-speaking countries.


Music special: Tired of humming the trending Spanish-speaking songs and not understanding them? Join this conversation club where we talk, unravel and sing the lyrics of the most listened songs in Spanish worldwide.

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